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Safeguarding your farm ‘til the cows come home.

Why Choose Weed Ross For Your Farm Insurance?

Familiar Faces

We live in your neck of the woods and understand the challenges farmers face. We’re also used to early mornings, backroads, family dinners, and close-knit community. Weed Ross always has a familiar, local agent available to answer questions and work with you directly to ensure you get the best farm insurance for your operation.

Effortless Process

Don’t have a cow. As a farm owner, we know you already have enough on your plate. That’s why we make sure that securing farm insurance with Weed Ross is an effortless process and a straightforward procedure. We know how important your time is, and we keep this in mind every step of the way.

Specialized Packages

With so many different unique farms, ranches, agricultural properties, and production facilities, we knew we had to provide a variety of specialization, just like you. Weed Ross offers an abundance of different options and coverages for your farm so that you can run your operation the way you need to.

#1 Farm Insurance in Western New York.

What is farm insurance?

Farm insurance, also known as farmowners insurance is a specific type of insurance that protects farms, ranches, and agricultural properties. While it is very similar to regular home insurance, farm insurance offers a unique set of benefits and coverages tailored to fit the types of structure and equipment required to own and operate a farm or ranch. Farm insurance requires a bit of expertise, and Weed Ross has specialized in insuring farms since the beginning of our agency.

What does farm insurance cover?

Farm insurance covers a wide range of different structures, facilities, properties, and equipment. While each policy can be customized to your specific operation, most farmowners insurance packages provide coverage for the dwelling or structure itself, farm liability, farm machinery and equipment, livestock, and product. Machinery and livestock are often the most important components of a farming operation, so it’s important that these types of things are covered in your farm insurance policy. Just like home insurance, however, there are different claim limits for each of these aspects. Talk with your Weed Ross agent to see how your policy can be tailored to best-fit your needs.

Do I need farm insurance?

Farm insurance is strongly suggested for your farming practice, especially if it’s your main source of income and livelihood. Homeowners insurance doesn’t regularly cover farming activities or business procedures. This means that if your farm equipment was somehow damaged, your standard home insurance wouldn’t reimburse you or help with the costs at all. Additionally, farm insurance can possibly offer protection against a loss of income, even for hobby farms. Because of the extensive amount of particulars, Weed Ross offers several specific coverage options, and we have programs for:

  • Hobby Farms
  • Equestrian Exposures
  • Hay Farms
  • Dairy Farms
  • Beef Farms
  • And More

What does farm insurance cost?

Farm insurance costs can vary significantly depending on the type of operation and the extent of coverage. Many factors come into play when getting a quote for farm insurance, such as your additional structures, income-earning livestock, employees, types of machinery, and more. The cost of your farm insurance policy also depends on the type of farm operation itself; whether it’s a hobby farm, an equestrian exposure, a beef farm, or whatever else it may be. Contact a Weed Ross agent to get a free, accurate quote for your farming activities.

Need more information about farm insurance? Take the bull by the horns, and get in touch with a Weed Ross agent today. With offices in East Aurora, Ellicottville, Ravena, and Randolph, we always have a local, Western New York agent available.

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