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Agency Acquisitions

Perpetuate your agency and let’s become partners

Acquisition Timeline

Harris Hill Agency, Inc.

George-King-Boss Agency, Inc.


Gemstone Agency, Inc.

Rundell Armstorng dba Ellington Myers Wade

James F Collins Agency, Inc.


Franklinville Agency, Inc.


Anatriello Agency

Strong Record

Left side, strong side. At Weed Ross, we’ve established a strong record of successful partnerships with several mergers and agency acquisitions in our recent history. With great attention to detail, our caring and experienced team prides itself on seamless transitions and creating a solid plan for succession.

Flexible Opportunities

We understand that every agency has its own approach—the reason they work in the first place. When merging with Weed Ross, we offer extremely flexible agreements and negotiations to ensure satisfaction for all parties involved, including your client base. We’re here to create opportunities together.

Optimal Outcomes

Selling your agency or merging with Weed Ross to become partners is not the end—it’s the beginning. We aim to perpetuate the legacy of your already triumphant agency with the same great customer service, efficient processes, and good business practice, all while facilitating an optimal path for your future.

Weed Ross is emerging as the fastest growing insurance agency in Western New York, with over six agency acquisitions in the last two years.

What is an insurance agency acquisition?

Agency acquisition is a growth strategy utilized by insurance agencies to expand their client base and service offerings. In business, this concept is typically referred to as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and generally refers to companies consolidating through a wide range of financial transactions and agreements. Basically, one company is combining with another. At Weed Ross, we like to look at it as a partnership. 


M&A can include an outright purchase, a combination of two insurance agencies, tender offers, the purchasing of assets, or even simply management acquisitions. These transactions can take place in several different formats with all sorts of different conditions and negotiations. 

Insurance agency acquisitions are beneficial for both parties involved, and often occur when the owner of one firm is planning to retire but wants to keep the business running. This is known as succession planning. Succession planning keeps a business moving forward despite the seemingly inevitable lapses in management resulting from a company leader stepping down.

What are the next steps?

Looking to sell your agency or create a structured plan for succession? There are tons of things to consider, including regulatory requirements, insurance agency licensing, ownership of customer accounts and policies, compensation and profit sharing arrangements, and more. At Weed Ross, we’re here to walk you through all of it. We want to ensure the most optimal outcome for everyone involved.

Take the next steps and let’s have an initial discussion to understand and outline your goals. This initial conversation is, of course, subject to an executed confidentiality agreement. Let’s build something great together. Contact Weed Ross today.

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