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Insurance for Real Estate Investors

Offering Tailored Insurance For Real Estate Investment Trusts And Businesses​

Protect Yourself and Your Portfolio

As a real estate investor, you have unique insurance requirements—that’s just the way it is. Your portfolio, like your personality and your business, is undoubtedly distinct. The real estate insurance team at Weed Ross celebrates individuality, especially when it comes to protecting your investments or your REIT. With elaborate experience in developing custom coverage, strategies, and programs, Weed Ross is here to ensure that you’re covered throughout your real estate investment journey.

The Area’s #1 Real Estate Investment Insurance

What is Real Estate Investment Insurance?

As a real estate investor, it’s absolutely critical that you know you’re protected, even while you add, remove, and adjust your portfolio. Real estate investment insurance is what keeps you safe, no matter what your portfolio is made of. Weed Ross offers customizable real estate investment plans and coverages for single-family rental units (SFR), apartment complexes, condominiums/homeowner associations, and more.

What Types of Insurance Cover Real Estate Investments?

Real estate investment insurance provides a variety of important coverages for investors and REITs. These coverages typically include Commercial Property, General Liability, Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability, Management Liability, Cybersecurity Coverages, Umbrella Liability, and more. Insurance for real estate investors should also cover business continuity to ensure that your organization delivers returns despite market fluctuation.

Why Do You Need Insurance for REITs?

Publicly-traded REIT, privately-held REIT; it doesn’t really matter—you’re taking on a massive amount of risk. Between management liability, the potential for data breaches, property damage, and anything else under the sun, your investment portfolio is subject to considerable financial loss. If you’re looking to protect your REIT, there are tons of strategies and defenses.

What Are Real Estate Investors’ Biggest Risks?

Real estate investors face several substantial risks, and their insurance policies must be designed to defend them as best as possible. A few of the primary types of threats that real estate investors are up against include market volatility, property risk, tenant-related liability, and the threat of lawsuits. A comprehensive real estate investment insurance policy will help mitigate the damages that result from these risks, if not avoid them altogether.

Why Choose Weed Ross For Your Real Estate Investment Insurance?

Flexible Property Coverage

As an independent insurance agency, Weed Ross can guarantee the flexibility and adaptability required to insure all of an investor’s properties, including property and liability coverages. We make it easy to adjust your policy on the fly.

Dedicated Insurance Expertise

With years of experience, Weed Ross agents have the ability to provide unique guidance and expertise on how best to protect your real estate assets. We collaborate with a variety of investors, with portfolios ranging from 1-2000 locations.

Tailored Packages for Diverse Portfolios

By partnering with many insurance carriers, Weed Ross offers tailored packages to fit your dynamic portfolio and risk characteristics. We work closely with you to identify the optimal approach to meet your real estate investment insurance goals.

Real-Time Insight and Management

Weed Ross is readily available to provide in-the-moment insight and active reporting, allowing you to manage all billing down to the individual investment property. In many states, we can even forecast premiums by location prior to closing.

Benefits of Weed Ross Real Estate Insurance

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