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Reliable Coverage from Seed to Sale.

Cannabis businesses come in all shapes and sizes—it takes a ton of moving parts to go from seed to sale. More specifically, the most common operations include growers, processors, dispensaries, and ancillary cannabis businesses, such as logistics. But one thing that all of these organizations have in common: the need for cannabis insurance. As an owner or manager, you may need many different types of coverage to run your cannabis business safely and responsibly.

#1 Cannabis Business Insurance in Western New York

Cannabis growers require unique insurance policies depending on several factors. Whether your cannabis or hemp farming operation is cultivating indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, Weed Ross can provide you with the essential coverages to protect your livelihood, from exclusive plans like crop insurance to general liability or property insurance and much, much more.
Processors and those who work with the plant after its dried take on immense levels of risk, as any business in the supply chain faces the potentiality for lawsuits. Processors and manufacturing businesses in the cannabis space are no exception. Weed Ross offers crucial cannabis processor insurance such as general liability, product liability, property coverage, and more.
Cannabis dispensary insurance businesses run similarly to many other retail businesses, and therefore, they need similar types of coverages. Weed Ross specializes in both business insurance and cannabis insurance, and can provide dispensaries with several critical coverages, including property insurance, workers’ compensation, product liability and recall, and much more.
No matter how you’re involved in the cannabis industry, whether you’re running a cannabis logistics business, a cannabis law firm, or running a cannabis business on a reservation, you’ll need dependable insurance coverage. Weed Ross works closely with all of our clients to fully understand their needs regardless of their business function, and as the cannabis industry evolves, we’ll keep you covered.
Why Choose Weed Ross For Your Cannabis Business Insurance?
Specialized Coverage
Let’s face it—the cannabis industry is still, in some ways, the wild, wild West, even when your business is located in the East. Weed Ross understands that every marijuana, hemp, or CBD business requires a unique, tailored insurance policy to cover a variety of operations, from cultivation and harvesting to logistics, distribution, retail, and more.
Dependable Expertise

Our name is Weed Ross, for goodness’ sake. And although we didn’t plant this seed when we originally named the business, we are amongst the most experienced local insurance agencies out there when it comes to cannabis and marijuana insurance. This enables us to provide your business with informed consultation no matter where you are in the cannabis industry.

Safety Guaranteed

The cannabis industry continues to face tremendous adversity, and your business’ safety is our top priority. Whether you’re a marijuana dispensary, a CBD formulator, a medical marijuana affiliate, or any other cannabis-related business, we know how to find you the optimal insurance policy that covers the full spectrum of services and incidents.

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