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Insurance for Cannabis Growers

Giving your business the green light to grow responsibly

Cannabis growing businesses, or cultivators, are responsible for producing all types of cannabis plants to be eventually harvested and processed into a shelf-ready product. Like many agricultural operations, cannabis growers are basically farms and therefore require similar types of insurance.

Grower Insurance Coverage

Cannabis growers require unique licenses and permits to operate legally, especially when it comes to pesticides and irrigation. These aspects of cultivation must adhere to several environmental compliance standards and regulations, and growers take on substantial liability as a result. Not to mention, they’re dealing with cannabis, which is one of today’s most complex commodities, legally speaking. Additionally, cannabis cultivation operations need to cover the crops themselves, their facilities and equipment, and their employees.

How We Can Help

Weed Ross can provide you with tons of unique coverages to fit your specific cannabis growing operation. Some of our suggested coverages might include:

  • General Liability: Cannabis general liability coverage protects your operation from a variety of common claims, including bodily injury, medical expenses, property damage, copyright infringement, and more. 


  • Product Liability: Cannabis product liability offers coverage in the instances where your cultivated product causes harm to someone else, such as claims related to physical or bodily injury, product recalls, or product malfunctions. 

  • Crop Coverage: Cannabis crop coverage protects your product at all stages of growth, including seeds, flowering plants, harvested plans, and finished stock. This aspect of your policy can cover losses related to theft, fire, vandalism, and more.

  • Equipment Coverage: Cannabis equipment coverage protects all of the machinery and tools used at your cannabis cultivation facility. These claims most commonly involve damage due to fire, theft, or vandalism, as well as instances of equipment breakdown. 
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