The Top 4 Winter-Related Insurance Risks

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Winter is cold, bitter, and harsh no matter where you live, but it’s especially so in Upstate New York. Most of the time, we’re stuck wondering why settlers chose this area to begin with—you’d think after their first Upstate winter, they would have packed up and camped elsewhere. But here we are, battling the elements. The question is, in today’s society, are you covered?

Winter is infamous for the increased risk of accidents. In order to make sure your home, business, or rental property is properly insured, it’s essential to identify and understand your biggest threats. Weed Ross has been in the insurance business for a long, long time, and we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. Many of the most common winter-related hazards can be avoided with simple preparation and prevention methods. But what are the top winter-related insurance claims? Who is your enemy? Below, we’ve made sure you can see the threats coming.

In this article, we’ll cover the primary winter-related insurance risks, including:

Frozen Pipes

When the temperature dips, the water inside pipes and other plumbing components is significantly more likely to freeze. The water freezing can cause the equipment to break down, worsening its performance, or sometimes, it causes the whole pipe to burst. Broken and burst pipes account for a vast majority of insurance claims during the winter months. New York is frequently in the top states for frozen pipe damage, a hazard that can cost the home or business owner upwards of $10,000. Make sure you’re keeping the property heated and insulated to avoid these types of incidents.

Slips and Falls

Easily one of the most common catalysts for winter accidents: ice. This goes for driving and walking, but slips and falls remain at the top of the list for winter-related insurance claims. Slipping and falling is certainly a concern for you and yours, but it’s also a primary concern regarding your home or business’s liability. If a third-party slips on ice on your property, you may very well be liable for the damages. The injured person could also potentially sue you for any resulting medical costs. To avoid these accidents, use anti-ice solutions regularly, and make sure to shovel or plow your property. Additionally, make sure your business or home remains well-lit, especially at night. 

Snow and Ice Damage

Snow and ice damage is one of the most popular risks during the winter months, year in and year out. Average claims for these occurrences often run well into the tens of thousands of dollars. Damage of this nature comes in many forms, including ice buildup on your property roof, ice dams that disrupt water drainage, or even falling icicles. These circumstances put property and people at risk, both of which could be your financial responsibility if you’re not adequately prepared. Make sure the trees around your property are sufficiently trimmed and be sure to keep your eye on the dwelling’s roof.

Fire Damage

Though somewhat counterintuitive, fire damage is one of the most commonly made insurance claims during the winter. While winter is obviously, and more notoriously a cold time of the year, winter also is host to many gatherings and holidays. Perhaps the cold weather compels people to come together, but either way, these types of gatherings are conducive to accidental fires. This includes cooking-related fires on Thanksgiving, Christmas-tree-versus-the-candle incidents, and Super Bowl parties that got a little bit carried away. Additionally, the heaters are on, which increases the risk of electrical fires. Ensure that any flammable materials are safely stowed, and keep them away from heaters, lights, and radiators.

Staying warm this winter? Just need someone to chat with? Have questions about your winter-related insurance? No matter what you need, we’re here to help. Talk with the local insurance experts at Weed Ross today.

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